Sunday, September 6, 2015

Reading and Writing

This week in writing we practiced following lines. We followed curved, looped, diagonal, straight, and zig-zagged lines. We also worked on tracing our names.

In reading stations this week, we played rhyming matching games, decorated our name cards for our word wall, sorted numbers and letters, played one card out, matched beginning sounds, matched letters, sorted letters and words, matched rhyming pictures, and played an alphabet slapping game.

Playing rhyming concentration

Decorating name cards for our word wall

Sorting letters and numbers

Decorating name cards for our word wall

Playing rhyming concentration

In One Card Out, the kids are shown 3 cards. 2 of the cards start with the same sound and the other card starts with a different sound. The kids use their slapping cards to slap the card that does not match.

Playing one card out!

Matching magnetic letters to their capital and lowercase letters on alphabet arcs

Matching pictures with names by beginning sounds

Sorting letters and words

Matching rhyming pictures

Playing with magnetic letters on the oil drip pan