Tuesday, January 7, 2014

All About Muleshoe!

Our social studies lesson this week is all about Muleshoe! We are talking about things we know about Muleshoe (before looking anything up), things we want to know about Muleshoe and what we learned about Muleshoe (after looking up information on our town).

So far the kids have written what they know about "Mulshoo" (I love how they sounded it out!) and what they want to know about our town.

We worked together to write the words down on our papers. The kids told me the sounds and what letters went with the sounds in the word and I wrote what they said so they could write it down. They gave me three things they know, three things they want to know, and later this week we will write three things they learned.
"We know ... Mulshoo is in Texis."

"We know ... Mulshoo is like a desert."

"We know ... Mulshoo has 4 skools."

"We want to know ... Hoo namd Mulshoo?"

"We want to know ... Haw minee peepl are in Mulshoo? and Haw did peepl find Mulshoo?"
After we wrote what we know a bout Muleshoe and what we want to know about Muleshoe we looked at a PowerPoint with different facts about Muleshoe and pictures of our town from the past and present.

"Mulshoo wos named after a ranch"

"Over 5,000 peepl liv in Mulshoo"

"Peepl bilt a raelrode in Mulshoo"