Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy MLK!

Ok, this is going to be a long one! Today we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! In the morning, we watched a Brainpop on MLK and talked about what equality means and reviewed what a right is. After talking about MLK and the important things he did for our country, we traced and colored our hands to match our skin color, then the kids wrote what their dream is.


When hands and dreams were finished, the kids played an MLK themed dice addition game. The first person who made it to "equality" (which is our word of the week) was the winner. The kids were in groups of 2 or 3 and took turns rolling the dice, finding the sum and coloring that number on their boards.

 When we came back from recess, we read Martin's Big Words by Doreen Rappaport before the kids started stations.

 During todays stations, they finished work from that morning, made MLK portraits, filled in MLK bubble charts and practiced matching beginning blends with their pictures.

Making MLK portraits

Making words

Writing about MLK on a bubble map

Matching beginning blends to their pictures.
They both just HAD to be in the picture!
Some of the many matches the kids made.

Someone kept photo bombing their blend pictures! But it was so amusing I had to put it up. :)

MLK portraits, dream writing and MLK bubble maps.