Sunday, January 19, 2014

Phases of the Moon

We talked about the different phases the moon goes through this week. Tuesday, the kids made moons with black and white play dough to show the different phases that the moon goes through when the sun shines on different parts of it. We talked about how there are 8 phases and the difference between waxing and waning (which they are using for everything now!) and I tried to trick them by turning our play dough stick moons and asking them the phases. We focused on New moon, full moon and 1st and 3rd quarter moons.

New moon, 1st quarter, Full moon and 3rd quarter. I couldn't trick them no matter how fast I turned the moon or repeated a phase! These are some smart cookies!
Wednesday, we made the phases the moon goes through on paper plates. I had the kids cut out their moon phases, draw an Earth in the middle of their paper plate and then we put the phases in order together.

When we finished, our paper plates showed the different phases of the moon we see depending on where the Sun's light shines on the moon.