Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I love, love, LOVE when we start talking about space! This past week in science we talked about constellations. We looked at constellations on cards that we held up to the light, matched constellations on cards with the ones in our bathroom, looked through toilet paper telescopes and created our own constellations!

Our bathroom with planets, starts and a few constellations.

Wednesday I told the kids we were going outside to draw constellations (which we were all excited about)! When we got outside I told them to have at it, but ... I got confused looks. The kids told me they couldn't draw constellations during the day time because the light from the sun was so bright it was blocking the light from the stars. Duh! Why didn't I know that? Good thing I have these smart cookies to educate me! :)

After we went inside I told the kids to figure out a way to draw the constellations we have been looking at. I told them to come up with their own ideas, but I was not going to tell them how to do it.

She placed her constellation card on her paper and traced inside the dots.

He looked at the constellation and copied what he saw.

Thursday, the kids used black construction paper, silver star stickers and white crayons to create their own constellations. The thing I loved seeing more than their artistic creativity in making constellations was the names they came up with for their constellations!

Everyone got black paper, 12 star stickers and a white crayon.

"The Zig Zag of the Human"

"The Love of The World"

"Elephant" and "Star Flower"

"The Big Dipper"

Friday, we used the iPads in groups to look at constellations using the apps "Sky Map" and "Sky View". both of these apps show where constellations, planets, the moon and the sun are at all times during the day based on your location. Sky View shows the constellations with their picture outlines (some constellations are hard to see with just the stars.)


Some of the constellations the kids saw they recognized from the cards, telescopes and the bathroom and were naming some of them!