Sunday, January 19, 2014

What is a Crater??

Along with talking about the moon's phases, we talked about what the surface of the moon looks like. We talked about why there are "holes" on the moon and what those "holes" are. For our science lab on Thursday, we did an experiment to see why different meteors make different size craters. Some of our questions were does a big meteor make a wide and deep crater? Does a small meteor makes a shallow and narrow crater? 
We used spherical objects that were different sizes and weights to see what would happen. Before we started, I passed all the objects around the table and we talked about their weights and sizes and what we thought would happen with each one. Some of the outcomes (like the small marble compared to the Styrofoam ball) shocked them!

We talked about making sure we dropped out spheres from about the same height so we would have a controlled variable in our experiment.

When we dropped all our spheres and saw the marbles made deeper craters than the Styrofoam and plastic spheres, we came up with reasons as to why that happen. 

After the first group went, it was the second groups turn to see if they would get the same results.