Saturday, January 11, 2014


Every day first thing after breakfast, we do calendar songs (with the months of the year, days of the week and weather) before we do calendar. After songs, we all go to the carpet and do calendar and count to the number for that day. We use the place value pocket and straws. The kids have to pay close attention to the order I place the straws in the pockets, because I mix them up. I could start in the 10's place or 1's place and move back and forth while counting. They are getting better and better at doing this every time we practice! 

When we finish calendar and counting to the number that day on the 100's chart and using straws, we go back to tables and count to 100, by 10's and by 5's. The kids get up and dance during the songs (as long as they remember to keep counting!)

Counting to 100

This Counting to 100 song gives them a new exercise direction every 10 numbers.

When we count by 10's, the kids practice it in groups of three. First they get close to the ground and whisper count by 10's to 100.
Second, they get halfway up and use their inside voice to count by 10's. Third, they get all of the way up and yell to count by 10's to 100.

Counting by 5's starts out counting slow then getting faster.

At stations this week, we were focusing on counting and number recognition/matching.

Their stations this week were ...
Matching number cards with five frames. The kids matched all the number and five frame cards from 1 to 30!

Counting by 10's, the kids had to put penguins in order on a frame all the way to 100.

Using dominoes, the kids had to write how many was on their domino, how many their domino would be if they added one more number and if they took one number away.

At my table this week the kids used penny and dime place value mats to sort coins and by different numbers I gave them. Next week, they will be doing this as a station by themselves.