Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Math, math, math!

Last week in math, we covered a few different areas.

At my table last week, we built 5 different math problems using linking cubes and place value mats. The kids had to use two different colors to show the two addends they were adding in the math problem.
Using linking cubes to build math problems.

Finding and cutting out the sum.
The kids' second station this week was sorting pictures into heavy and light categories. They had 8 different pictures they had to sort on their mats.

Sorting light and heavy pictures.

When they finished, they raced and had others check their work.

Their third station this week was filling in the missing numbers in a row of numbers. Some numbers were missing before and some were missing after. The kids had to do number anywhere from 1 to 30.
Filling in the missing number

There fourth station last week was comparing the weight of different objects from the math shelf.
Making a prediction about which objects will be heavier.

They were right!
Next week we will be doing more with measurement looking at the different types of measurement tools.