Saturday, January 11, 2014

Friday's Reading and Writing

I haven't really been showing a lot of the reading and writing stations that the kids do throughout the week so I'm trying to get more of that up for you guys! There are four stations they kids go to every day in reading and writing, so they do 20 different activities every week! This week, we focused a lot on writing 3 letter words and sight words. They read their decodable for the week like they have been doing and we had a couple review stations for rhyming and compound words, but our main focus was writing!

Practicing writing words that go along with pictures!

This group is working on compound word penguins. My example shows "butterfly" (which they couldn't use). Some of the words the kids wrote were reindeer, Muleshoe, clubhouse, lipstick and football.

The penguin is holding snowballs that have the two word parts, then they write the compound word on the penguin's belly.

This group is working on tracing, writing, finding, building and using sight words in a sentence. 

Someone seems to break into song and dance every time I go to snap a picture of him working! :) He was singing his sight word (never a dull moment)!

Concentrating real hard on finding the right sight word.
Finding the letters she needs to build the sight word on her mat. 
This group is writing in their writing binders. Monday - Thursday their writing usually connects to their science or social studies from that day to reinforce what we talked about in the morning.

Most of the time, the kids can write whatever they want on Friday. When I tell them they can write whatever they want as long as it's a complete sentence, they tend to whoot and holler. They have really good ideas!